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Dry Kiln

dry kilnstripping

“Dried, Processed and Sold World Wide”


T. M. Wood Products purchases green lumber from local sawmills, and from larger Hardwood producers. Then takes it under close watch at a lumberyard in Harrison, Arkansas while drying the bunks of green lumber and sells its product worldwide. The operation currently sits on 100,000 square foot plant and includes two dry kilns. For freshly cut lumber, it has to be allowed to dry in response to temperature and humidity. When the green or wet lumber starts to dry the water is first removed from the lumber. These systems contain devices that monitor the conditions in the kiln and lumber and adjust inside conditions accordingly. The rate at which the lumber dries is controlled to minimize or eliminate defects caused by drying.



inspecting grading

“The Key to Good Lumber: Grading” 


Every inspector has many years of experience, taking special care in grading every board that comes to the lumberyard, to give every client the quality level they expect. The National Hardwood Lumber Association grading rules provides T.M. Wood Products along with the buyer and seller with a consistent language to use in specifying hardwood lumber transactions.  These rules are targeted in order to attain the expected degree of quality. When the inspector grades the board it is based on the percent of clear wood in the board, many natural  beautiful characteristics found in hardwoods is not included in calculating the clear wood. grade stamp on each piece of lumber as it leaves the mill, insures that every piece of lumber is up to your standards and ours. 



lumber lumber

"The bridge between two different choices"


TM Wood Products lets our customers pick between two choices when it comes to buying lumber: rough and surfaced. Surfaced lumber is planed, which means cut parallel to the other side, or just one side but has square edges. Lumber is always measured at it’s rough state and when measuring lumber in a surfaced state the lumber will be less. The major thing to keep in mind when trying to choose from rough and surfaced lumber is surfaced lumber is the next step in allowing the lumber to be usable. TM ensures that every piece of lumber you recieve is at your liking giving you choices to choose from.